Introducing Challenges: Compact Breathwork Plans to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Discover Float's latest feature: Tailored breathwork challenges for a balanced life – from fitness to sleep, and mindfulness on the horizon.

We know you love Float breathwork exercises, and we've been listening to your feedback for something more structured, something that takes you on a holistic journey of breathing better. So, get ready to elevate your breathwork routine with our brand-new feature called Challenges.

What Are Challenges?

Challenges are individualized programs designed to help you focus on specific aspects of your life that could benefit from breathwork: Fitness, Productivity, and Sleep. We offer you a curated set of exercises, each with a defined timeline and a specific end goal. Forget about aimless scrolling through exercises; Challenges streamline the path for you. You commit to your own path and Float will help you with that.

Dive into Challenges


Ever thought about improving your lung capacity or boosting your overall fitness? The Fitness Challenges offers targeted exercises to increase your lung capacity and make you more resilient. Train like an athlete, one breath at a time.


For those chasing deadlines or looking to hustle smarter, not harder, the Productivity Challenge offers exercises that help you achieve a state of 'Here & Now,' improving your focus and helping you silence the mental chatter.


A good day starts with a good night's sleep. Through our Sleep Challenge, you can aim for a night of sound sleep by following a series of calming exercises tailored to prepare your body and mind for a restful slumber.


Seeking a deeper connection with the present? The upcoming Mindfulness Challenge will offer exercises to enhance self-awareness and anchor you in the 'Here & Now'. We're actively developing this feature, and it will soon be a part of Float Challenges. Dive into the present and embrace each moment fully. Stay tuned!

Challenges Tailored for You

  • Improve Lung Capacity: For those looking to take deeper, fuller breaths.
  • Boost Fitness: Amp up your fitness game through regulated breath control.
  • Improve Focus: Achieve laser-like focus and be present in the 'Here & Now.'
  • Silent Mind: Calm the restless chatter in your mind for a peaceful sleep.
  • Sound Sleep: Prepare your body for a rejuvenating sleep experience.

Flexibility and Reminders

Life's unpredictable, we get it. That's why we've added flexibility to these Challenges. You can set up reminders for each exercise, but if something comes up, don't sweat it! Complete the exercise when you can, according to the schedule, and it will still count towards your goal.

Badge of Honor

Each challenge you complete brings you a badge, a tangible symbol of your progress and dedication. Collect them, flaunt them, and let them serve as motivation for challenges yet to come.

Ready to progress in your breathwork journey? Embrace the Challenge and elevate your wellness.

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Keep Floatin'.

Team Float