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Why Float breathwork?

instant benefits

By incorporating breathwork into your daily routine with Float, you'll experience a multitude of science-based benefits.


Decrease Your Stress

Take control of your breath to activate the body's relaxation response and reducing stress levels.

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Improve Lung Health

Strengthen your respiratory muscles, increase lung capacity, and enhance oxygen intake.

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Enhance Mental Clarity

Engaging in breathwork can help clear your mind, improve focus, and promote mental clarity.

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Cultivate Well-being

By regulating your breath, you can achieve a greater sense of emotional balance.

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Boost Energy Levels

Harness the power of breath to increase oxygen flow throughout your body.

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Promote Better Sleep

The relaxation induced by conscious breathwork can aid in regulating your sleep patterns.

no more stress or anxiety

Cover the most frequent events

You can use a wide range of breathing techniques, each designed to address specific goals and areas of focus. Boost health and performance in all aspects of your active life.

CO2 Tolerance test

your breathwork

Float uses CO2 Tolerance test to personalize your breathwork. Test gives us a reliable idea about your breathing and allows us to draw a conclusion about your ability to control your breathing and the state of your nervous system.

16+ breathwork exercises

Explore variety of exercises

We have partnered with breathing experts to deliver a growing collection of 16+ breathwork exercises. All based on latest research and ancient wisdom.

Developed by experts, trusted by you

rating stars

4.8 in the App store

“Float has been a game-changer in my life. The breathing exercises are simple yet incredibly powerful. I've noticed a significant reduction in stress and improved focus.”

Sarah L.
Boston, USA

“I struggled with sleep issues for years, but Float's guided breathing exercises have transformed my sleep quality. I wake up feeling refreshed and energized.”

David T.
Toronto, Canada

“Float has helped me stay motivated and inspired in my daily life. The breathing techniques have become an integral part of my routine, and I can't imagine my days without it.”

Emily R.
London, UK
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asked questions

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How does Float work?

Float utilizes science-based breathing techniques to regulate the autonomic nervous system, inducing relaxation responses and promoting overall wellbeing.

Is Float suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Float is designed for users of all levels, including beginners. Our programs gradually guide you through the process, making it easy to start your breathing journey.

Can I customize my own breathing exercise?

Our app does not allow customizing the breathing exercises on your own, as we aim to provide you with the most efficient, scientifically-backed breathing techniques, designed to enhance your health and well-being. As part of this commitment, we've partnered with certified breathwork coaches to meticulously curate our suite of exercises.

If you're experienced and confident in defining your own breathing patterns, we'd suggest exploring our web player at www.play.keepfloating.com. This platform, created specifically for breathwork coaches and advanced users, allows for greater customization of breathing exercises.

How often should I use Float?

We recommend incorporating Float into your daily routine for optimal benefits. Consistency is key, but you can adapt the frequency based on your preferences and needs.

Is my data secure?

At Float, we prioritize your privacy and data security. We adhere to stringent data protection measures, ensuring your information is safe and confidential.

What is the price of the app?

The price of our breathwork app varies depending on the subscription plan you choose. We offer a monthly subscription at $9.99, a yearly subscription at $69.99 (which includes a 7-day free trial), and a lifetime subscription at $199. Please note that prices may vary based on your location and any ongoing seasonal promotions. Choose the plan that best suits your needs.

How does billing work?

The billing for our breathwork app is handled through the platform you download the app from.

If you're an iOS user, the billing is processed through Apple's App Store. After you choose your subscription plan, the charge will be applied to the payment method associated with your Apple ID. It's important to note that subscriptions automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.

For Android users, the billing is processed through Google Play Store. Similar to iOS, the charge will be applied to the payment method associated with your Google account. Subscriptions also auto-renew on Android unless you turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period.

In both cases, you can manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal by going to your account settings on the respective platform.

I forgot to cancel free trial. How can I get a refund?

We’re sorry that you forgot to cancel the subscription during the free trial period.

Unfortunately, as developers, we don't have the ability to issue refunds directly as all transactions are handled by Apple. You will need to contact Apple customer support directly for a refund. You can submit your refund request on the Apple support page here.

If you purchased the subscription from the Google Play Store, you can request a refund directly from Google. You can do this by going to the Google Play Refund page. Please note that Google has a strict policy for refunds and it's important to request a refund within 48 hours of the transaction.

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